I had been a psychology professor for years, teaching in traditional classrooms, and online for a local college.

Now I have my own school here...

Gray Wolf Learning Center is where I am offering courses on a variety of topics - mostly in the areas of Developmental Psychology and Law.

There is no college credit for these courses, but the psychology and psychology-related ones contain much of the same materials and ideas you would get if I were lecturing to a group, or teaching at a college or university.

Here you will have access to me [and other students] through discussions, webinars, and more... and although you won't get college credit; you also won't get exams or a grade.

Instead, you do get the chance to think -
and think with no one judging you for a grade.

If you do then decide to take a similar course for credit, you might find yourself a step ahead!

You can see the array of courses by clicking here

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